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about us

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one of a kind

RE:VOLUTION is an Upcycled sustainable unique brand, located in East London. Creating new fashion from old garments.

Every piece is handmade from vintage clothing and fabrics. Uniquely designed with hand-stitched details, and wild bold prints for a unique one of a kind look. Made to precision with every detail in consideration.


We believe every Person has their own unique style, and we can help you express it. Pick what you like best and it’s yours, and yours only.


The Designer and owner of RE:VOLUTION is Linor Kahlani, Fashion Design graduate from Shenkar College of Design in Tel -Aviv. 

Linor's graduate collection was her starting point for creating upcycled garments. she created an award winning,  Avant-Garde collection from vintage and second hand clothing and fabrics.

Since then it has become her inspiration. To be creative with what already exists. Creating something new, inspiring and desirable..

RE:VOLUTION is created from vintage & second hand garments & fabrics. Not only to save the planet from what has become one of its greatest enemies - Fast Fashion, but to revolutionise the way we think. To be inspired and creative.

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inspired by
the people

Our history is full of inspiration, and people who have changed Fashion through out the years. 

We are not only inspired by vintage clothing, but from the characters wearing them too.


From James Dean to Marie Antoinette to Kurt Cobain. We are inspired by the icons.

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